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No, you are doing it all wrong!


Minority Federal Government in Australia should be a great event  in our history.  A chance to start the move from major party dominance, in all our parliaments.

Tony Abbott has other ideas. Those ideas don’t include the brave new, cooperative paradigm.

They are not going to pair the Speaker, so a vote is lost for the Government, unless an Opposition member should absent themselves on a vote – to balance the numbers.

Harry Jenkins, Victorian ALP member for Scullin, will become Speaker and perhaps Alex Somlay (Federal Liberal Party Member for Faifax in QLD) becomes Deputy Speaker. Will Alex not vote on no-confidence and supply votes, allowing the Rainbow connection in Government to get a bill or two through? Who knows what these dastardly members have in mind.

The glitter of a new paradigm in co-operative and productive government was blown away on the wind.

So what have we got? No true debate, little if any compromise, and proper government stops listening to the many representative voices, and deal more in back room stitch-ups.

The Opposition, still smarting from being outplayed in the minority Government stakes, now reveal their true intentions. Enter stage right an obstructive and destructive Coalition rabble, that seek to disrupt our system and force us folk back to the polls. Well bad move Tony,  your welshing on the pairing will bite you hard come the next election.

The NBN is a nation-building thang

The NBN is a nation-building thang

It helped decide an election

I long for a fast and lasting Internet connection

But I dont like the NBN’s chances of getting an erection

I’ll go on having  a coffee and a read of the paper

As my webpages gasp and struggle to refresh

I’ll miss that great bargain on eBay as my bid turns up 10 seconds late

My downloads, in their many forms

Face a long and uncertain fate

The Coalition would prefer we have a slower, cheaper connection

Using technology that is made up of wires, sticks, glue and blu-tack

The Rainbow Government members really like the NBN and the part it played in their election

But they have a cost blow-out fear and tales of householder connnection rejection

So let’s just get on with it Australia

We cant be the slow ones on the net

Let’s just build the best one

That everyone can afford to get

Might I offer a word or two to the wise for the pollies

Do it once – do it well – do it for everyone

Just drop the politics and agree that the NBN is a nation-building-thang.