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No, you are doing it all wrong!


Minority Federal Government in Australia should be a great event  in our history.  A chance to start the move from major party dominance, in all our parliaments.

Tony Abbott has other ideas. Those ideas don’t include the brave new, cooperative paradigm.

They are not going to pair the Speaker, so a vote is lost for the Government, unless an Opposition member should absent themselves on a vote – to balance the numbers.

Harry Jenkins, Victorian ALP member for Scullin, will become Speaker and perhaps Alex Somlay (Federal Liberal Party Member for Faifax in QLD) becomes Deputy Speaker. Will Alex not vote on no-confidence and supply votes, allowing the Rainbow connection in Government to get a bill or two through? Who knows what these dastardly members have in mind.

The glitter of a new paradigm in co-operative and productive government was blown away on the wind.

So what have we got? No true debate, little if any compromise, and proper government stops listening to the many representative voices, and deal more in back room stitch-ups.

The Opposition, still smarting from being outplayed in the minority Government stakes, now reveal their true intentions. Enter stage right an obstructive and destructive Coalition rabble, that seek to disrupt our system and force us folk back to the polls. Well bad move Tony,  your welshing on the pairing will bite you hard come the next election.


The recent hoohar in Australia over the Logie night Tweets of Catherine Deveney brings into sharp focus the challenges that lay ahead in attempts at so-called “filtering” the web.

The elephant in the room is web censorship. For so long it’s been obvious that as each day and minute passes more and more material is posted. How can it be filtered? Posters and hosters will just keep moving the content around to defy URL tracking and blacklisting. It will be a “war” that will not be won.

Where does the so-called censorship stop? How many steps will we be from a dictatorial state that says what we can see and read?

The breadth of the challenge in getting “filtering” to find general acceptance is broader than the Internet itself!

What if reports of the Dodo’s demise were a tad hasty?

The Dodo - perhaps it lives on...somewhere

The Dodo - perhaps it lives on...somewhere

What if the famous Dodo bird were found not to be extinct? Thousands may one day may be found to still survive on some hitherto unknown island near Mauritius? What would we do then? “Dead as a Dodo” or “to go the way of the Dodo” will be no more.

Raphus cucullatus will be thumbing their seriously huge bills at us – nah nah nah nah!

We will then have to find another seriously unlucky ex-species to use as a euphemism for “being gone for all money” – or dead.

Dead as a democracy perhaps?

Men getting it in the face…

Bill Gates takes a pie in the gob

Bill Gates takes a pie in the gob

Mike Rann, Tiger Woods and now Silvio Berlusconii. These men have taken one in the gob from some crossed and/or digruntled soul in recent weeks and months. What have they done to deserve that sort of treatment? Mike, over in South Australia, might feel a tad aggrieved in being a target of some public ridicule, and to be thrown in the pot with Tiger and Silvio.

We need to have more pies in faces – like the good ol’ days. Drop the assassination and pick up pies – or the number 3 iron, a fist or a miniature replica of Milan’s Gothic cathedral. The world would be a better place.