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Firstly, the Channel Telegraph emanates from the hills above the D’Entrecasteaux Channel region of southern Tasmania, Australia. The photo you see at the top of this site shows the northern entrance to the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, with the Tasmanian mainland to the left and Bruny Island to the right. The map below shows the Channel with its main villages marked – Snug, Kettering, Woodbridge, Middleton and Gordon. There, you have the Channel side of the story.

The Map

The Telegraph? Outdated I know, but for me “Telegraph” harks back to a time of the rapid, national expansion of Australian telecommunications infrastructure. Led by the PMG, Telecom and then Telstra, it covered Australia with the necessary wires and towers for us to talk to each other, and the world. The wires have been in the ground for well over 80 years, unfortunately in our area of Australia, I suspect they are still the original wires ;-(

And that’s the point. With the impending privatisation of Telstra, many Australians will be left with second rate communications infrastructure and will find themselves left out in the cold without an adequate service. A fully privatised Telstra will not see it necessary to waste shareholders money on servicing and supporting low return regions – better that money is spent in the major centres.

It is my belief that all Australians should have equal access to appropriate, adequate and affordable “electronic communications” – be it telephone, radio, television or Internet. In a future time we will be left with an age old communications system – about as useful as a 19th Century telegraph system. The same applies to our “media”. The concentration of media outlets into fewer and fewer hands – our TV, radio, newspaper and online information will result in us being fed an homogenised, networked drivel that speaks only one voice and not of the diversity of views and tastes that exist.

So, expect to read in the Musings a range of opinion on this matter and all things related.
My musings will reflect an eclectic range of interests and worthy causes in my life. I have a particular interest in local communities, and the need for politics and government to better work with and for their communities. I also take a very keen interest in emerging technologies; gadgetry; TV and Radio (particularly the ABC); music of many genres; family issues and; much, much more.

In addition to these various ramblings and musings, I also hope through this Blog to paint you a picture of a Tasmanian’s life and with it, an Australian’s reflections on, and experiences in everyday life, love, politics and the world.

It will also help you better know this great part of the world. I will upload over coming months maps, links, articles and photo galleries featuring the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Huon Valley and Far South.

The Channel Telegraph is also very much part of Tweezy New Media, a Tasmanian based multimedia developer, and this Blog will seek to promote our clients and their services – and why wouldnt we?

I hope you like the content and would welcome your feedback and advice. I would also like to hear about your blog or interest.

Be sure to come back soon….

Phil – Editor, The Channel Telegraph term paper writing servicethe best cloud mining sites

Musings from a hill overlooking the D'Entrecasteaux Channel