The Channel Telegraph Steam Powered Time Machine

cloud mining worth itWe’ve got the Channel Telegraph time machine out of the shed, dusted off the rat and chook poo, fired it up with some briquets (it doesnt take much steam to drive this time machine) and dialled a dateTime Tunnel with the future.

Do you remember Time Tunnel?

Our heroes Dr Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) and Dr Tony Newman (James Darren) are seen here at the front door of their time tunnel as they prepare to spin down a vortex, dresed only in suits, but nonetheless entertaining this then 9 year old correspondent, with some memorable(?) stories of adventures in time.

Well, no thrilling adventures here at steamworld – our faithful steam driven time machine has just enough steam to attempt a guess at what our future-selves might read in our newspapers and see and hear on our tv and radio news reports… in say two…or three years time, or five or….

We will write them down and then update as we go. Will some of our guesses be found to be howlers? Only time will tell….

(Any other ideas welcomed!).

  • Peter Costello will become PM before the next election.
    (Update: Well with Howard recently committing to “lead the Coalition to the next election” this one appears done and dusted – but I will leave it here for the time being – there may very well be an out of control bus just around the corner…)
  • Peter Costello loses government.
  • The Labor party selects a women to lead….and lead she does – all the way to the lodge and to the premiership in Tasmania? Two lady leaders – or more as the trend catches on right around Australia – around the world – more and more women becoming leaders?
  • “A” Pulp Mill went ahead in northern Tasmania – but was way-scaled down.
  • Old growth logging is severely restricted in Tasmania only to art, craft and fine furniture needs. Tasmania’s remaining timber needs are met from plantations and regrowth – as well as imports from the mainland.
  • By 2010, woodchips account for a minor use of the Tasmanian timber resource.
  • The Australian Republic is back on the agenda in 2007/2008.
  • A Democrat wins the next US Presidential Election.
  • The Australian Democrats disappear altogether or at least become merged with an existing or new political group.
  • There WILL be a major earthquake in the US by 2008.
  • Bird Flu will spread – but there will be a new and deadlier “flu” discovered by 2007/8.
  • Digital radio in Australia helps strengthen ABC Radio’s audience numbers.

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