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A bit of fun with generators – on the web

No, we aren’t talking nuclear or coal fired power generators here. These generators leave a relatively small carbon footprint and can have both a serious and educative aim, and others are, well….just a bit of silliness really…

The “generators” we speak of are those that can be found on the web and can do all manner of things like:

  • Making personalised signs, posters, movies etc based on images that are already pre-loaded on the particular generators site, or it is done via the uploading of the visitors own image(s);
  • Generating text based lists, names and phrases;
  • Creating games, mazes and other activities;
  • Making personalised calendars, charts and other tools.

As we find some fun and useful generators we will post them here – here is a start of a list:



Personalised bars of soap:Signed soap
Punk rocker personalised signs