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Getting noticed by Google

Google explains how the Google “algorithm” or more formally PageRank™ – the software and hardware at the heart of what is Google – you can read little more here on their Google Technology page.

The founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, wrote this paper on their research into Google – it explains the Google concept. It makes for interesting reading now, some ten years later and Google is perhaps one of the biggest players in our online lives – together with the obvious likes of Windows, Mac and Linux (to name three OS).

The aim of many website owners (not all – but many) is to get to the top of the Google rankings with a specific search word or phrase.

You can pay Google to have a link to your website in plain view on page one of Google’s results page – based on matching your specified “keywords”. Match that is, with those words and phrases rattling around in the hard-drives of the hundreds of thousands of PC’s over at Google Street. If you are not keen on paying, here are a few basic tips on getting noticed by Google (and the other search engines). In future posts, we will add to our list of hints and tips on getting your website noticed – and visited!

1. Reciprocal Links – Try and get as many links as possible to link back to your site from other websites. Part of the Google’s PageRank system looks at how many other sites have links pointing at your page. Get some links pointing at your website – even better if you have some “keyword” texts accompanying your link from the pages of your clients, friends. sponsors and business partners – but do the same for them! Another great way to get your link out there is through wikis, search engines and other private and government directory services. Make sure they are QUALITY links from those “other” websites. By quality we don’t mean listing your site with some shady “get your website noticed search engine submission outfit, working from Dad’s shed”. Make sure that the sites that link to your site, add value to your message and content/product or service.

2. Your website’s Title Tag is very important to Google. By title, we mean the text that is found between the HTML <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of your web page. A page title always appears at the very top of your browser. Always make sure that your Page Title has a definitive connection with the content of your website to make the most of Google’s robots visit to your page. Have a look at the top of your browser now and you will see our Page Title: The Channel Telegraph – Connecting online with Tasmania’s D’Entrecasteaux Channel community. So make sure your page title is on show!

3. Keywords. Google considers keyword density a large factor in ranking pages in search engine results, more so than many other search engines. So when writing the texts for your website make sure you keep the main aims of your website in mind. Keep those words in plain view – words that describe what you sell, or what service you provide, or information that you make available. Repeat those words as many times as you can without being boring – change them around – put them inside phrases and statements. Think about what people might type into Google when they want to find a website like yours – then put those words in your website’s content!

3. Avoid having home pages that only have images. Google and other search engines don’t get as any goodies to take back to their indexes from images – the robots cannot “read” images – they read TEXT! (Having said that Google may well save your image URL for its Google images database). So its great to have images on your home page to illustrate your best features – but don’t just rely on images – put some worthwhile text on the page. Another hint – if you do have images – make sure that they have ALT tags so that people with images turned off can get an idea of what that image might have been about – and Google will see the ALT tag…