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Get your site listed on Tasmania Online

When your new website is completed and goes live online, one of your first online stops should be Tasmania Online. Here you can “submit your URL”. Put simply, you are adding your website to the online database of websites that are either Tasmanian based or at least have a reference in some way to Tasmania:

web sites must have significant Tasmanian content, or have Tasmanian authorship, or be located on a Tasmanian server. (Tasmania Online)

(You can read the Tasmania Online submission policy here).

Listing with Tasmania Online is one of the first steps in getting your website noticed on the web. It makes it more likely your website will be visited sooner, rather than later, by the major search engine robots, and also helps with your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo – just to mention two. When you do get around to clicking the “Submit URL” button on Tasmania Online – be sure to have some info ready to plug in:

  • Your site title
  • Your URL
  • A short description of your website (you should of course have a short description of your website already – as it it should be one of your site’s main meta-tags)
  • Your name
  • Your postcode

So – get over to Tasmania Online and list your site!