Channel Telegraph

Channel Telegraph is a newly minted magazine-styled website that will focus on publishing interesting stories, essays, videos, music, podcasts, poems and photos. Our content will cover a range of styles, opinions and views, and will come from, and be about the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and surrounding regions. What will set the Channel Telegraph apart are the contributors – we want the community to generate the articles. The site has been established as a community publishing platform.

This local focus will be complemented by content originating from across Tasmania, and beyond, and will come from a diverse array of contributors – and they too will come from far and near. The Channel Telegraph aims to deliver content that will be engaging, relevant, educational and thoughtful – and, at times (well quite a few times) – humorous.

Our aim is to also establish a one stop regional services directory – an online community marketplace – and it will be free. Yes you read that correctly – free. Channel Telegraph will offer free adverts for business services, shops, cafes and restaurants, retailers, trades, home maintenance, manufacturers, artisans, as well as community and government supported groups and associations.

You will qualify for a free advert in the Channel Telegraph community hub if you live and work in and around the Channel and Huon regions, or if your business directly serves the regions, or is planning to serve.

Channels are an effective way to carry the information that our communities need to stay connected and informed. The Channel Telegraph aims to deliver that information in a well-produced, friendly and trusted format that will inform, entertain and teach.

We would love to hear from you. Be it as a contributor – one-off, occasional, or on a regular basis – or if you want to take advantage of our free advertising offer – no tricks or catches. For more information on how you might become one of the Channel Telegraph’s contributors – visit the the Become a Contributor page for some ideas on the type of articles you might like to consider creating.

Drop us a comment, fill out our contact form or email us today!

Channel Telegraph – Strong and safe communities staying connected and informed