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Monday, July 4, 2022
Statue of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Restless World – Podcast Review

In Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’, Dromio of Syracuse chauvinistically recounts the many shortcomings of a maid pursuing him in marriage, describing her plump body...

Find Your Way Back Home

I didn't think this man could rise any higher in my estimation. But he has. Neil Finn just released a new song, recorded with...

Believe – A Frazer Wood Music Cover (Cher/DMA)

Believe - A Frazer Wood Music and Gouldburn Street C_Iso Ensemble Cover (Cher/DMA)

Thinking’ Bout You – (Frank Ocean cover)

A great cover of the Frank Ocean tune by Frazer Wood Music and the Goulburn Street C_Iso Ensemble

Boys of Summer

Frazer Wood Music thinking of the boys of summer by Don Henley