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What is the most common nutrient deficiency in Australia?

glass of water
During the Covid-19 pandemic I have seen many good articles suggesting supplementation that may boost your immune system.  Most people overlook the most important and common nutrient deficiency in Australia, water!  Many people spend their dollars on supplements and do not realise they are dehydrated, or how much better they would feel if fully hydrated.  Water makes up about...

Become a Channel Telegraph contributor

Contribute to the Channel Telegraph
Channel Telegraph is your online community magazine - and we want content for our readers! Your content! Do you have a story to share with our readers? Maybe you are an author, musician or poet? Film-maker, historian, specialist or expert? You might be an experienced writer, published author or producer. You might also be starting out - pursuing a dream of...

Mt Misery Walk, Huon Valley Retreat, Ranelagh

Picnic on Flat Rock: Margaret Hulme
Mt. Misery! Well it’s certainly not miserable the day we go in July, mid-winter in Tasmania. It was sunny with a vivid clear, blue sky. A misnomer, although it appears it was named thus because it’s in full view of Huonville, albeit slightly to the South-West, and as prevailing weather comes this way it gives a thirty-minute warning to residents...

Experiencing history by podcast.

Remains of military sandals found on the site of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest
The podcast series, ‘In our time: History’, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, is impressive for its consistent output and its longevity. It offers a list of 300 episodes since 1998 covering diverse world historical events. From this enormous list, my attention focuses on one episode called the “Battle of Teutoburg Forest”. I click on the play button and, very soon,...

Meet the Covid-era babies

Summer and a Covid-era baby
It would be easy if I could just simply say that mothers who have had babies during Covid times experienced more loneliness, isolation and anxiety compared to mothers who had free social reign. Or that Covid-era babies were finding it harder to socialise and go to other people or tolerate lots of noise or large groups of people compared...

Life on Mars

This panoramic view of Mars is, to say the least, captivating. Mars largely remains a mystery. Did life once exist there; does it still exist? This recently released video by Elderfox Documentaries has put together a series of images taken by the Mars Rovers. The result is a stunning panoramic view rendered in 4K quality of the surface of...