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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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History – Uncovered and Discovered

Constable Station
If you’re driving down the Arthur Highway to Port Arthur since the Covid 19 lock-down and re-opening, you’ll come to a recently cleared area on your right with a very old ruin of a building, just past the Lavender Farm and the head of Long Bay at Oakwood. I’d lived on the Peninsula for 35 years and never knew...

‘Revival’ relaunched.

I’ve had my dinghy for thirty years. I’m very fond of her. She’s not one of those new sleek Huon pine jobs, or even an old Huon pine cray boat. She’s an eight-foot Fi-glass Punto from the Eighties, obtained when my previous boat- a Cavalier 975 yacht - sailed over the horizon with my husband on board, hence the...

How can we find gratitude in the midst of grief?

Finding Gratitude
Sadly and devastatingly, my very good friend Sue has inoperable brain cancer and only has a few months to live. Watching the grace with which she is handling this is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She refuses to have anything to do with my sadness about her condition and wants us to celebrate every last moment we have together. This...

Winter Camping in Tasmania

Evening light, Chain of Lagoons
Is that even a thing? Do people set off in their vans and tents to camp in Tasmania in June, around the shortest day of the year? Well, after a lockdown they do! And so off we went – three vans, two tents, five women. There is a hint of sun at Lagoons Beach, near Bicheno, and the birds, fantails...

Nature Trackers’ Survey, Where’s Wedgie?

Pine Tier Lagoon
Three months! Three long months in lockdown! Then an opportunity for travel and camping dispensation for the scientific study, ‘Where’s Wedgie?’ in Tasmania. The Where Wedgies survey is organised by Nature Trackers to encourage community involvement in tracking and conserving threatened species. This survey records the location of Wedge-tailed Eagles and other raptors in designated four kilometre by four...