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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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The First Teachings of Parenting

New born baby
One of the first things we teach our babies is how to feed; breast feed or bottle feed, it does not necessarily come naturally. Have you ever heard the one that breastfeeding is natural and easy? Have you ever had your body liquefy itself and be sucked, squeezed, manipulated and deflated while you feed your precious little bundle? Anyone who...

Johnny Keynes and the Attack of the Corona

Johnny Keynes and the Attack of the Corona
Those who saw Cedric Burnside play Peppermint Bay on 8 March 2020 had a wonderful evening out.  Which is just as well, as that was likely their last night out for three months.  Long as these months have been, we’d do well to consider them Chapter One of The Epic of The Corona.  Tragedy and trauma there’s been aplenty, and...

An Afternoon in Iso

Ugg boots and track pants
Scuff, scuff, scuff, scuff. She looked down, realising that the sound of her ugg boots scuffing against the floor had become all too familiar during the past few weeks. Wearing their slightly stained, soft, brown suede was like a gesture of rebellion towards her normally well-polished, leather boots. Ugg boots and trackies. These were now her normal working uniform...

ISO, I sew

Yes, I am a sewing addict. I used to sew occasionally but after I was diagnosed with something relatively nasty, I became a little obsessive about it. I make simple garments but I love using great fabrics. Sewing is a wonderful distraction and pairing it with listening to podcasts is my idea of ‘Girl Heaven’. I made so many clothes...

Shakespeare’s Restless World – Podcast Review

Statue of Shakespeare
In Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’, Dromio of Syracuse chauvinistically recounts the many shortcomings of a maid pursuing him in marriage, describing her plump body as: “No longer from head to foot than from hip to hip. She is spherical, like a globe. Icould find out countries in her.” (Act 3, Scene 2 lines 124-126) Dromio, then, verbally circumnavigates the maid according...