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Want to become a channel telegraph contributor?

Channel Telegraph is looking to build its ranks of contributors. You might like to consider becoming a contributor – also known as being a Telegraphist.

Creating a supportive community around us has never been more important and the Channel Telegraph is a platform we’d love to see contributors use to create more local and broader connections. Below are some topics that you might like to consider. It is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it helps to generate ideas. You might have a topic that isn’t covered here – tell us about it. All you have to do is drop us a line and let us know what you are thinking about and we can consider your idea.

general articles

General Articles

Articles welcome. A story length of 800 -1000 words is ideal, but we will consider longer articles. Our audience broadly covers all Tasmanians, in addition to our focus on life in the Channel. ‘Connecting Communities’ is our aim. Upbeat, positive, informative, inclusive, reflective, entertaining articles welcomed on any topic that you think readers would find of interest.



You might like to write about the history of your community, or other regional Tasmanian locations, sites or buildings. Perhaps you might like to write about a person, group or an event you have an interest in. The article could also be about national or international historical events.

Experiences and Reviews

Experiences and Reviews

Share your experiences. Local walks, happenings, markets, food and wine. We also love reviews. You could review books, movies, TV, or songs and albums you have listened to or live music performances you have experienced. Share your views and invite others to offer theirs.

Community Reporter

Community Reporter

The Channel Telegraph is interested in events happening in your community. Promote your events and let us know about community projects planned or underway. Have you attended an event, been involved in a community project or event and want to share it with readers? Or why not interview a local person and tell their story and how they live and work in our community.


Get Creative

Short fiction and non-fiction stories are welcomed - you choose the genre. Or maybe you have a poem, song or photographic portfolio you want to share. We are interested in stories of all manner of creative arts and crafts.


Share your knowledge

You may have particular skills and knowledge, or an interest, hobby or passion that you would like to share. You may have specific skills and training in an particular field like health, education or related areas. We also love practical information, how-to’s, DYI advice, recipes, patterns and the like. That’s what community is all about!



Have you travelled in Tasmania and discovered a hidden gem, been on a great walk or tour you want to share? For now travel abroad is only a dream - we are really only ‘armchair travellers’ - so help us widen our horizons with an account of a memorable Australian mainland or overseas journey.

Science and Nature

Science and Nature

Maybe renewable energy, space travel or astronomy interest you. We welcome articles on these and related topics. We are also interested in natural environment stories. Perhaps you are a nature lover, bird watcher, citizen scientist or volunteer with a land- or nature-care group and would like to share your experiences.