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Channel Telegraph is your online community magazine – and we want content for our readers! Your content!

Do you have a story to share with our readers? Maybe you are an author, musician or poet? Film-maker, historian, specialist or expert?

You might be an experienced writer, published author or producer. You might also be starting out – pursuing a dream of being a writer and published author. Perhaps you’re a musician and are looking to find an audience for your work. Maybe you are a filmmaker, or produce short videos or podcasts.

Channel Telegraph would love to hear from you. You can be a regular contributor to our pages – or offer up a story every now and then. It could be a music clip of your own composition. You might write on specialist subjects that would of interest to our community. It could be about health, economics, politics, local or Tasmanian history, art or craft, music, or a book, TV or movie review – pretty much anything that you think might catch the interest of Channel Telegraph readers.

As a contributor you will be known as a Channel Telegraphist. You will have your own Author page, with a bio and image (of you or a logo).

So if you are interested – first take a look at our Publishing Policy page – where we detail our publishing philosophy and what we would expect from you – and what you can expect from us in terms of our editorial policy, comment moderation, word limits and the content standards we have adopted for our readers. If you think what we have to offer and what we expect from you makes sense – well we would love to hear from you.

Have a look at our Become a Contributor page for some ideas on the topics you might like to consider. So let us know what it is you would like to contribute. We will consider your suggestion and get back to you to discuss your proposal further. And if we all agree – well you can call yourself a Channel Telegraphist and get busy producing your contributions.

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Phil has been a denizen of southern Tasmania’s D'Entrecasteaux Channel region for over 25 years, A skilled and experienced communicator Phil has, over a 40 year career in public, private and volunteer roles, helped a diverse array of people, organisations and communities tell their stories, share their ideas and spread their messages, through an array of communication channels. He is keen to kindle Channel Telegraph readers' interest in adding their voices and ideas to these pages - informing, educating and entertaining its readers – believing an informed community is a stronger, and ultimately, a more resilient community.