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Exploring Tasmania

Connecting Communities

Community News – still going strong after 15 years

Community News – also known as “the Bugle” has become a trusted electronic source of information exchange for those that live in the Channel...

Become a Channel Telegraph contributor

Channel Telegraph is your online community magazine - and we want content for our readers! Your content! Do you have a story to share with...

Health and Wellbeing

Meet the Covid-era babies

It would be easy if I could just simply say that mothers who have had babies during Covid times experienced more loneliness, isolation and...

What is the most common nutrient deficiency in Australia?

During the Covid-19 pandemic I have seen many good articles suggesting supplementation that may boost your immune system.  Most people overlook the most important...


Believe – A Frazer Wood Music Cover (Cher/DMA)

Believe - A Frazer Wood Music and Gouldburn Street C_Iso Ensemble Cover (Cher/DMA)

Thinking’ Bout You – (Frank Ocean cover)

A great cover of the Frank Ocean tune by Frazer Wood Music and the Goulburn Street C_Iso Ensemble

Boys of Summer

Frazer Wood Music thinking of the boys of summer by Don Henley
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Cove Hair Studio

Cove Hair Studio is located in Kettering - a warm, welcoming and friendly salon for all your hair care needs - for ladies, men and children. New and existing clients are welcomed. Open Tuesday to Friday 930am to 4pm. Appointments are necessary. No new hair colour clients at this point.

Phone: (03) 6267 4883

Philosophy Corner

Sadly and devastatingly, my very good friend Sue has inoperable brain cancer and only has a few months to live. Watching the grace with...

How I survived iso

Scuff, scuff, scuff, scuff. She looked down, realising that the sound of her ugg boots scuffing against the floor had become all too familiar...

In Review

The podcast series, ‘In our time: History’, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, is impressive for its consistent output and its longevity. It offers a list...

the economy

Those who saw Cedric Burnside play Peppermint Bay on 8 March 2020 had a wonderful evening out.  Which is just as well, as that...

Fossil Cove – a great little walk

During the recent lockdown period my husband and I did a lot of walking around our local area. There’s plenty of walks in Kingborough...

my story


‘Revival’ relaunched.

I’ve had my dinghy for thirty years. I’m very fond of her. She’s not one of those new sleek Huon pine jobs, or even an old Huon pine cray boat. She’s an eight-foot Fi-glass...
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Jill Cooper Nutrition

I listen to your body and mind, not just what you eat. I use non-invasive evaluative techniques to identify root causes of symptoms, empowering you to take control of your own health, with real food. Free initial consult, individual consults and sugar detox group sessions.

Phone: 0428 675 007



Getting Crafty

ISO, I sew

Yes, I am a sewing addict. I used to sew occasionally but after I was diagnosed with something relatively nasty, I became a little obsessive about it. I make simple garments but I love...